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Company Introduction

Eoslift Automation Technology Corp. is a high-tech company providing intelligent warehousing and intra-logistics solutions and services, as well as a professional manufacturer for intelligent material handling equipment. Eoslift, the first one listed on the China NEEQ (stock code:831758) among the same companies of intelligent warehousing industry, is one of the pioneers in the area of warehousing technologies and products. The company includes automation division and material handling equipment division.

Based on the advantage of system planning and warehousing relative software development, the automation department provides one-stop intelligent solution that helps those customers to realize the automatic and informatics processes including storage, transportation, palletizing, sorting. Eoslift one-stop intelligent solutions includes a series of services, such as construction designing, equipment integration, software development, on-site installation and adjustment, customer training and after-sales service and so on. The project team has an abundant experience and customer resources. With the superior equipment resources from the upper industry chain, the team applies automation technology to the area of fiber, package printing, fastener, food, commercial retaining and police system and so on. In 2016, Eoslift successfully merge & acquisition Shanghai JXSS Robot Systems Co. Ltd. Robot system is the key part for automation production, as well as the core part for intelligent warehousing. After acquisition, Eoslift will truly provide the “unmanned” production, package, and storage based on the rich experience in robot system integration form JXSS, especially the technology of second development for robot software, hardware and comprehensive application of robot controlling and operation.

The material handling equipment department with independent R&D team and almost 150 intellectual property rights, focuses on the research, manufacturing and sales of intelligent electric truck. LIONMAN developed by Eoslift can achieve online high efficiency management for truck and operator. The company invests more and more capital to improve the quality and technology of its competitive products. The production base is equipped with advanced equipment, such as welding robot, automatic spraying line, laser cutting and so on. Eoslift regards the international standard as the criterion, certificated by CE, GS and passed the world electromechanical safety testing center-Germany TUV safety test.

Eoslift takes seriously on the brand building, quality construction and technology innovation, puts superior product to the market and provides perfect system solution for customers. It gained higher approval from the industry and good reputation from the society with its efforts and sincerity.

Eoslift sets up its branches in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin, Shenzhen to explore the global market. Eoslift devotes to be a global company with the spirit of “for excellent products and services”, creates the first class brand and moves forward to the cutting-edge technology under the era of industry 4.0.

Chairman Address

  • Andy Jiang

    Cheung Kong School of business EMBA

    2014 Zhejiang( Jiaxing) Business Innovation Award

    The fourth session of the ten young influential entrepreneurs of Jiaxing

This is the lecture given by Mr. Jiang Yuejun, the Chairman of Eoslift at the annual meeting of the Company on January 15, 2016.
Year 2015 was a memorable one, when Eoslift moved from the old production base to the new one, turned from a limited company into a public one, and was recognized by certain capital markets. In the same year, the company management was restructured by establishing the Automation Division and Handling Equipment Division; the stringent management, clearly assigned duties and dedication at all departments created a positive, efficient and pragmatic work atmosphere of solidarity, having made due contribution to Eoslift’s devotion to developing intelligent warehousing solution and building high-end intelligent forklift brand; all the efforts we've made constitute a glorious page of Eoslift’s development history!
However, company grows by steps not by leaps; Eoslift, as a mechanical equipment manufacturer, has not grown fast since 2008; since the Company’s permanent prosperity is impossible without being carefully nurtured by each of us, we should take nothing lightly and shall in no case be muddle-headed. Strategy determines direction, while detail is the key to success. Strategically core is essential for our sustainable development; the development strategy of Eoslift involves globalization and industry integration.
Globalization strategy
Since its establishment, Eoslift has been exploring international market, and has established a branch in the United States. It’s our goal to set up Eoslift branches in developed countries all over the world, and to spread the handling equipment and automation business to all economic development centers of the world.
In addition to selling products, Eoslift has to transfer our teams and technologies to overseas market, merge, acquire or buy into foreign businesses, seek localization in Europe and the United States, effectively enter local markets by dint of local enterprises, and take advantage of foreign brand influence, technological innovation and customer support etc. to effectively enhance the competitiveness in Chinese market.
Industry integration strategy
In view of the fact that we are a handling equipment manufacturer who’s turning into an intelligent warehousing integrator, we have to make personnel deployment, and more importantly, perform hardware and software integration, thereby realizing the integration throughout an industrial chain. Enhance the control over the entire process of raw materials supply, product manufacturing, distribution and sales so that we have the initiative in market competition, thus increasing the benefit of each business activity stage.
We are devoted to building a globalized industrial intelligence brand of Eoslift in areas of Eoslift warehousing equipment, intelligent warehousing integrator, robot system, and automation control system.
Andy Jiang

Cheung Kong School of business EMBA

2014 Zhejiang( Jiaxing) Business Innovation Award

The fourth session of the ten young influential entrepreneurs of Jiaxing


  • 2016
    Renamed as Eoslift Automation Technology Corp.
    Merged Shanghai JXSS Robot System Co., Ltd.
  • 2015
    Successfully listed at NEEQ
    The second domestic manufacture base brought into operation
    Established branches in Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, and Shenzhen for intelligent warehousing business
  • 2014
    E-commerce direct selling started with Tmall, Amazon and EBay
    Finished the joint-stock system reform
    Renamed as Eoslift Warehousing Equipment Corp.
  • 2013
    Established a subsidiary called Jiaxing Hygrace Electronic Tech. Co., Ltd.
    The business scope extended towards intelligent warehousing
  • 2012
    Founded Eoslift USA Corp.
  • 2011
    The first domestic production base brought into operation
  • 2010
    Products passed TUV test at World Electro-Mechanical Products Safety Monitoring Center
    The quality met international standards and got GS and CE certification
  • 2009
    Established a sales center in NUESS, Germany
  • 2008
    Established Zhejiang Eoslift Equipment Co., Ltd.

Corporate Culture


We have been trying to be the best in field of intelligent warehousing logistics equipment and technology.
For our customers, we should be the most excellent supporter and partner in each stage of their expansion and development.

Eoslift hopes to be such a company that, it meets with success in business competition while promoting social progress, it creates the community more jobs and reduces carbon emission during production process and product delivery, thereby making contribution to sustainable economic development.
Eoslift helps Chinese customers change traditional ways of handling, and provides one-stop intelligent warehousing solutions covering demand analysis, system design, product development and after-sales service. Our low-carbon green indoor handling equipment carries the commitment to energy conservation and environment protection from planning and design, development and manufacturing to production and delivery.

Honors and Awards

  • Standing Council Member of Logistic & Purchasing
  • Standing Council Member of China Logistics Technology Association
  • Council Member of Logistics & Material Handling
  • Standing Council Member of Logistics Equipment
  • Brand of logistics technology & equipment recommended by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing
  • New high-tech enterprise
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate
  • Scientific and Technology Enterprise in Zhejiang Province
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System Certificate
  • Certificate of Credit Rating AA
Eoslift Automation Technology Corp.
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